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Hello Techbods,
Welcome to our September 2017 Ignite special “From the floor” MSUC.Chat event. That’s right, we’re announcing the next event will be held on Thursday, September 28th 14.00 UTC – (Local time here)
Three of our group are lucky enough to be out in sunny sunny Orlando for the Ignite conference so with a bit of luck and some calendar juggling we are hoping to be able to run this months event from the show floor (Not literally. That would be silly). We don’t know what corner of the event we will find to join the call from but as the venue(s) is HUGE I’m sure we’ll find something. Anyone else who’s at the show is welcome to come join us in person – keep an eye on our twitter, or hassle me directly (
We’re looking forward to chewing over the SfB fat and trying to make sense of any big news that might have come along.
To add yourself to future event invites please sign up to our mailing list here (feel free to pass this on to friends, colleagues or family (hey it could happen)…Join meeting – SfB Client

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Thanks & chat soon

Ben & the team.