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July 2021 Chat – Fairwell Skype for Business Online

*tap* *tap* Is this thing still on?

Hello, it has been a long time, some might event say too long….

However what better reason to get the old gang back together on the eve of Skype for Business Online’s sunsetting date. Come join us this Friday for a catchup, like old times. We’ve probably got a lot of things to update each other about friends 🙂

New projects, new technologies, new jobs but also it would only seem right to have a spot of reminiscing about the “old days” with Microsoft shuttering the Skype for Business Online service for most users a mere few hours after we’re done.

Has this caused many issues for customers? Is it something you’ve been worrying about? Does it not matter as everyone went to Teams 6 months ago? Come share your thoughts and tales.

The meeting will be (on Teams obvs.) on the 30th July 2021 at 15.00 UTC (In your local time). You can download the ics to add it to your own calendar.

As a beta test only (!) you can can send an email to with the word “subscribe” in the subject (click here). This should forward you the email invite for the event.

Quick join when the time comes: Join

See you soon

Ben & the team.

November 2019 Chat – Ignite special

After going a bit dark through the year we have 3/4 of the team over at Ignite so have pulled our fingers out to arrange a “from the expo floor” event extravaganza…

Hopefully that super expo hall WiFi will keep us covered!

Plenty of stuff to talk about hot off the press:

  • Will we now make this a Webex Meeting just because we can?! (no.)
  • What is with that new Office logo?
  • Does anyone recognise Josh without his hat?!
  • “Power Automate” come on people?! really?!
  • To-Do & Planner tighter integration into Teams!
  • Which party is the best UC party?

We’re looking to kick things off on Tuesday the 5th November at 15.15 GMT (local time here)

Add to your calendar via .ics here or when it is ready to start you can join directly with this short URL:

We’ll see you all then



February 2019 Chat

Yay February. Come say hello and chit-chat about what has been going on in our UC bubbles.

We’re looking to kick things off on Thursday the 28th Feb at 17.00 GMT (local time here)

Add to calendar file here

When it is ready to start the meeting you can join via this link:

We’ll see you all then



January 2019 Chat

Ready for the first MSUC.Chat of the year? Well so are we (honest).

We’re looking to kick things off on Thursday the 24th Jan at 17.00 GMT (local time here)

When it is ready to start the meeting you can join via this link:

We’ll see you all then 🙂



December 2018 Chat – A Teams Experiment

We’ve joked about this once or twice on the chats before about when the time would come to switch things up and get with modern times. Well much like two years ago when we did a wee exerimental thing one December we thought that after a little bit a summer/autumn hietus what better way to stage a comeback than with another test run.

I’m proud to announce our MSUC.Chat Teams Test edition coming to a client / browser near you on Tuesday December the 11th at 17.30UTC (Local time here).

Calendar invite here

Or clicky this link (hopefully)

Bring your experiences, bring your questions and lets remember why this was a fun thing to do 🙂

Ben & the Team.